Tentronic, a producer hailing from South London, has been programming music since the dawn of 2007. He uncovers his defined taste in neuro(funk) and technical styles of Drum & Bass, with occasional detours through many bass genres allows him to stay focused on synthesising music without limitations.

The Londoner stands for music that is compositionally rich, carries the weight – in the clubs and on sound systems – and has an in-your-face attitude. Signature-style frequencies consisting of roaring mid-ranges, clattering drum work and sly half-time schemes will move minds across the globe. If you’re in for up-tempo affairs with a bitter taste, Tentronic will continue to be the man to watch closely.



For updates on releases as well as other Tentronic related things
  • Quick update

    Apologies for the lack of updates of late. I’ve currently been chipping away at the tunes but I’ve also been sorting out a problem I came across recently. Unfortunately...

  • Lockjaw – Empath (Tentronic Remix) Out Now For Free Download

    Here is my remix of Empath by Lockjaw! Hope you all enjoy and big ups to Lockjaw for the opportunity to do the remix and for letting me put it out for free download! If you’d...

  • Happy New Year!

    Apologies for the belated New Years post. Hope everyone has had a great new year! This year, I aim to put out more music than I have previous years. I have been working on a lot of...